Tulle curtain


5,000.00 2,999.00

Length- 84 inches

Width- 48 inches

A broad 4 inch loop on top for ease of hanging on a curtain rod or bamboo. Ideally the rod should be smooth and uniform and not irregular like a tree branch.

The horizontal opaque strips are multicolored fabric pieces sandwiched in between 2 layers of tulle/net fabric with kantha stitches all over making sure the pieces stay where they are.

Do not machine wash, Dry clean only.


This curtain is made of white tulle fabric. It has strips of tiny pieces of fabric sandwiched between two layers of tulle. This curtain looks very mysterious from a distance. It has multicolored samosa tassels at the bottom to give an idea of dimension. Ideal for small spaces to give an illusion of a large space.